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  • ดูภาพ ฟังเสียง อ่านคำแปล

    นำเสนอ 2 รูปแบบเสียง



  • เรียนรู้คำศัพท์HSKแบบง่ายๆ



  • พากย์เสียงการ์ตูนที่สนใจ แล้วกดแชร์


  • ครอบคลุมทุกระดับภาษา


  • อัพเดตความรู้ใหม่ๆตลอดเวลา



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Meme 2019-01-09
I like it
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Diidii 2019-01-08
I think it has connection error but when it works it really helps me a lot
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Mooncakebbf4 2018-12-20
How do you learn the 30-Day Chinese course (The Girl Next Door)? I've tried to reinstall/update, but it's still not working.
ตอบกลับ 1 1
Miss Bean 2019-01-02 You can update the 3.0.1 version now and enter the ad page, there's a Trial button.
minhui 2018-12-03
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欧阳清 2018-11-06
Please add a feature to playback the original voice recordings and also all dubbings at one go!
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kjhmx 2018-09-24
I got the VIP thing, how do i know things will be sent to me? Or where do I see them?
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jmahh 2018-07-19
Love this app. I used to read lots of comics when I was a kid and this is perfect to keep studying. I especially like the thrillers/horror, keep up the good job guys!
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jjj 2018-06-08
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Allen 2018-06-01
This app looks amazing. Please consider offering the option to switch between Simplified and Traditional characters. Many people still wish to learn Traditional characters.
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david 2018-05-23
podrian mejor asiendo un apartado para descargar los comics y llevarlos a todas partes, y deberian hacer una version para pc.
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Luatnkt 2018-05-19
Good choice for learning Chinese
ตอบกลับ 0 6
EING 2018-04-18
ตอบกลับ 1 1
你好 2018-04-23 1234567
Eli 2018-04-13
It would be great if we can use it on PC
ตอบกลับ 1 10
ElaineMDG 2018-12-19 OR just in browser so I can use it on my kindle! Love the App & am a vip member; but if I could use it or a website on my kindle-would be even better!
isabelleyteph 2018-02-26
Ni Hao, FunnyBean Technology. Welcome to partner with the city of Isabel, Leyte Philippines to provide Chinese signs on facilities in order for the city to boost and expand to the Chinese tourism market. Xie Xie!
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尖叫的水果 2018-02-22
It would be wonderful if I can see Manga Mandarin on PC
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hello world 2018-01-20
make more MANGA'S plz
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Lydia 2018-01-11
Possibly place setting for conversation speed. It is way too fast. Thanks!
ตอบกลับ 1 2
Miss Bean 2018-01-12 Hi! Click the sentenses twice and you can listen the pronounced in slow Mandarin.
JZ 2018-01-08
i cant purchase more beans using paypal. Error merchant id not valid. Please advise. tq
ตอบกลับ 1 2
Miss Bean 2018-01-11 Sorry and thanks. We will fix it. Sorry for that.
Nenes 2017-12-09
i can't log in
ตอบกลับ 2 3
shady 2018-12-28 Me too, I can not Login
Miss Bean 2017-12-29 You can login in the app.
mohsin 2017-11-09
love peace and relaxation
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容靜寧 2017-10-14
Thanks for the apps, really helpful. But can I change the simplified chinese to traditional chinese? It will be more helpful. Thank you
ตอบกลับ 1 8
Miss Bean 2017-10-18 Hi,we will add the traditional Chinese,but just for interface language.
RC 2017-10-07
Do you have a link to an apk for those living in China?
ตอบกลับ 1 3
Miss Bean 2017-10-07 Hi,I'm Miss Bean.If you're in China,you could download the App in And you can also send an Email to,then, we can send an apk for you. Thanks for your question^^
Gabriel 2017-10-03
It's an amazing app. The comics are very interesting and the learning content is professional.
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Vee 2017-09-15
It should be easier to get beans like maybe a reward every time we finish an episode or load beans every 4 hours etc.
ตอบกลับ 1 10
Miss Bean 2017-10-01 Thanks for your suggestions.You can try to perfect your personal information and you will be awarded with beans.
Randy ASMR 2017-07-26
wow, I wasn´t hyped for something this strong for a long time already. Keep up the Chinese lessons, they are brilliant!
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Ali 2017-07-24
ตอบกลับ 3 7
你好 2018-04-23 你好呀
nihao 2018-04-23 sss
hello world 2018-01-20 what does ali mean?
・ シチ ・ 2017-07-14
I just started learning Mandarin and I'm so glad I found your App!! It's so helpful and it gives me even more motivation! Thank you!
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John 2017-07-14
Good to learn Chinese.
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Jasper Tejano 2017-07-12
xièxie! very helpful. thanks for making it simple
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Osama Abuyazen 2017-07-12
A truly excellent presentation. Much thanks.
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wow 2017-08-26 Hi
David Strohmaier 2017-07-12
My way of learning chinese characters: First, get to know how to write chinese characters (stroke order). Second, take one of the teaching books. Read the texts. Write down the characters you don't know, and repeat writing them till you memorzied them. You'll find the connections yourself. And don't use a computer or a tablet. Paper and ben!
ตอบกลับ 1 18
Peter69 2018-03-23 你好